Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost back on the healthy train

I couldn't resist. I love these sausages. I've included the label so you can see how bad they are, but they are soooo good.

Tonight's menu: 
Sweet Longaniza Sausages with Mushroom and Onion garnish, Brown Spanish Rice & Salad

Something I always do with my rice when transferring it into its storage container, is to dump it out on the table and growing through it because there are pieces of yucky things (I don't actually know what they are), bad grains, I guess.
Place 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of water in a pot. (Or whatever amount of rice you have, you always double the amount of water.) Once water has begun to be absorbed by the grains, put in 2 tablespoons of crushed tomatoes and mix in. Keep stirring occasionally and reduce to a simmer once boiling so as not to burn.

These are the tops of the peppers I stuffed the other day.
Hmm, doesn't look very appetizing here.
Fry up sausages, onions and mushrooms in pan. Sausages go in first as they take the longest.

Play around with your salads, throw in whatever you've got.

- lettuce
- 2 tomatoes
- 4 strips marble cheddar cheese
- tops of peppers
- lime juice

Mix all together.

Plate, serve, enjoy!


  1. Have you tried rinsing the rice a few times before you cook it..I dont know if that would help with the "yucky" things your speaking of.

  2. Yes, we do that also, but it doesn't remove the pieces. Thanks for the suggestion.