Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let it snow

 Why not use the beautiful snow coming down as encouragement to get some exercise? The baby could always use some fresh air as well, so wrap him/her up, throw some blankets into the stroller and park them nearby.
However, don't forget that you have to take care of yourself and do it right. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • Before you grab your shovel, prepare your body by doing a full warm-up, such as jogging in place, and stretching.
  • Buy an ergonomically correct snow shovel. These types of shovels tend to be lightweight and have a contoured handle that's designed to reduce bending and decrease lifting.
  • Remember to practice the proper shoveling technique. Push the snow instead of lifting it. Don't overload the shovel. If you do have to lift snow, never lift with your back. Instead, bend your knees and lift with your legs. Avoid twisting or throwing snow over your shoulder.
  • Take a break every 15 minutes to stand up straight and walk around. Drink water to prevent dehydration and overheating.

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