Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to the Peel Region Moms Biggest Loser Challenge

Are you ready to bring it? And by that I don't mean your 2 for 1 McDonalds Coupons!
If you have chosen to accept this mission, this means that you have made a commitment to yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle, whether to help you feel better about yourself, to help you keep up with the mini me currently or soon to be running around your house, to fit in a yellow polka dot bikini (or one piece black suit) for the March Break, to get back to your pre-partum weight or simply because the man in your life promised to buy you a new wardrobe including designer jeans and Coach shoes, whatever the reason may be, all that matters is that this is a positive step you are taking.

Check back often, but keep in mind that I have a very active- or better said hyper 5 month old attached to my hip- seriously, not kidding!

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